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2022-06-15 12:19:44 By : Ms. Michelle Zeng

Buy an old shipping container to make a nice refuge?Did this idea ever cross your mind?It is quite possible, because the container houses are becoming more and more extensive.They offer the advantage of being “pre-built” and inexpensive, even if it takes a lot of imagination to transform them into a home.Sometimes, existing houses can give ideas to those who wish to embark on construction or development.With this 14m², solar-powered shipping container, you might find inspiration.It must be said that the owners have made this container a cozy nest for around €22,000.A boon for those looking to find accommodation at a lower cost.Presentation.When it arrived at its destination, the container, 6 meters long, 2.50 meters wide, and with a surface area of ​​approximately 14 m², did not look very good.Owner Murphy started by installing solar panels to supply it with electricity.For the water connection, the container is ready and can be connected to a well, a reservoir or the city water network.For comfort, he also added a window air conditioner, stove, mini fridge and propane heater.In this very small area, there is also a bathroom with a shower and a classic flush toilet.The doors are the original ones and open to a black wall with a white door and a large window inviting entry.Upon entering, we discover the living room which serves as a living room and sleeping area thanks to a retractable bed which descends when it is necessary to lie down.The interior is cozy, with wooden benches on either side, for the living room and for the dining area.In the center of the container is a small minimalist but functional kitchen area.The cooker is full size, it also has a worktop, sink, small table and mini fridge.At the back of the container is the bathroom with a shower, separate from the toilet!For Murphy, the owner of the container house, it was essential to be able to cook and receive his friends.But he also had to be able to work comfortably from his living room.He therefore imagined a system that can be transformed according to needs... Desk, side table, storage space, it's according to the desire of the moment.For the kitchen, he wanted it to look like a "normal" kitchen, and allow him to concoct small dishes without fighting to fit everything.A place for everything and everything in its place… By respecting this, the kitchen is optimized to be able to store everything there, kitchen utensils, crockery, and food products.Finally, in the bathroom, he was able to install a real shower, and a small portable washing machine placed on a bench.There are also some storage spaces.For the toilets, Murphy wanted traditional flush toilets.A great success this container house, right?Hello super this container house how to buy it or have the plansHello, what region are you in, I live in Apatou?Hello Where is this container or is it for saleGreat project, how to see the plans?cdtHello can you tell me the price of this fitted container please send me an answer by email.Hello everyone how to get the address of this owner is he ready to build others?If so how do I get their contact details?I take advantage, is there the possibility in combined 2?Do not hesitate to send me the contact details if you have them very imaginative the design of solar power supply I imagine completely autonomous or almost..Hello, I would also be very interested.Please send contact detailsHello can I inform me of the price of this container of the price also of the delivery and should we ask for acceptance from our town hall my greetings.Hello, super successful I would like to have the contact details of the manufacturer to send me a quote.Thanks.I would be interested, how can I get more information pleaseHello, I want to enlarge my house, in basic condition without interior fittings, how much does it cost?I will be interested.Can you contact me by email please.ThanksHello, Strongly interested in this small house, Is it possible to acquire it?How do I contact the person building it?Where is she from ?thanks in advanceHow much is 1 container please In Fcfa I am in Gabon you do the shipping?I would like to know how it is isolated, thank you.Hello I have land in southern Corsica 45 minutes from Ajaccio Do you have the possibility of painting the exterior in green or two-tone camouflage type to blend in with the decor Can you deliver this container to me on site and at what price ?I would also like to have the price for a second container fitted out below, only possible as a bedroom with several beds without the kitchen lounge area Thank you in advanceHello, it's very good but if the town hall does not authorize you to install the container what to do?And despite the so-called housing crisis…Hello, I would like to have the address of the manufacturer, thank youHello, where are you?Is it possible to visit it?ThanksHello, are you in France?Is it possible to visit it?Thanks.Hello very interested then have these coordinatesIt's all here house before dreaming of going to spend a weekend in this type of accommodation in campsites, then I think you will change your mindHello, I make container fittings on request and according to needs or specifications.Project 2022/23.100 m2 Looking for land in the moors SincerelyHello, Strongly interested in this small house, I have a large plot of land for the foundations.Is it possible to acquire it?How do I contact the person building it?Where is she from ?thanks in advanceHey, it's me who created them in my old boxHello, is it possible to configure its containers and that you do the design.CordiallyHello what price for 2 container delivered to assemble with 2 bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen.Thanks for your feedback.CordiallyGood evening Achievable in Martinique?Hello very interested could I have an address or a telephone contact number thank you in advanceHello, I'm interested, I'm very interested in his style of living.Finally a little house that will belong to me.Can I have an address for the information, thank you, I wish you a pleasant dayPhilip.Hello, I am interested in what price for 1 container delivered with 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom, WC, can you send me a quote, and your address and your number, thank you in advance cordiallyHello, Like many people previously, could I have the plans and prices?And whether you build them to make deliveries?Thank you in advance, truthfully yours.Hello I am interested what are the contact details for a quote.What region is the builder from?Cordially .Hello, I would like to have more information for buying century-old houses, if you have several for sale.Hello, I would like to have the contact details of the person who manufactures his century-old houses.Please send them to me.CordiallyYour email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.