China promotes 'toilet revolution' in inland areas

2022-06-15 22:06:49 By : Ms. Jessica Liang

Western tourists are the ones who suffer from it the most and without a doubt the Chinese themselves must be used to it, but it seems that the lack of toilets in China continues to go unnoticed, and now Xi Jinping has demanded that the national authorities continue and intensify the actions of the “bathroom revolution”.While welcoming such a move, it must be said that President Xi Jinping has emphasized stepping up the toilet revolution, now in the country's rural areas, calling for solid efforts and practical work to ensure quality and actual results of the campaign.Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks in an instruction on the work to promote the toilet revolution, which is indispensable today and in the context of the pandemic.So thanks to sustained efforts to promote clean toilets in recent years, "remarkable improvements have been made in rural living environments," the Chinese leader said.The bathroom revolution, as stated on the website of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), will continue to be an important task of vitalizing communities in the next five years.In this sense, Xi demanded "solid progress in light of local conditions and in a scientific manner, avoiding formalism and wasting resources, in order to solve a weighty issue in terms of hygiene in communities around the country" .Along the same lines, the head of the Chinese Communist Party urged authorities at all levels "to make joint efforts and fulfill their duties to produce good and concrete results."Xi's instruction was read at a national meeting on the "toilet revolution" in rural and non-rural areas, held last week in Hengyang, central China's Hunan province.Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, who also attended the meeting, stressed efforts to carry forward work steadily and pragmatically under the "quality first" principle.Hu called for simultaneous progress in upgrading bathrooms and particularly toilets, where water supply and sewage treatment are formalized to ensure hygiene standards are met.Read more China plans to inaugurate first 'clean' commercial nuclear power plant in 2030China's long-standing toilet problemIn China, only four and five-star hotels have bathrooms in their lobbies, so those who have the possibility of accessing one of them may feel benefited, but if you are an inexperienced tourist, a walk through any of the main cities of the country become an experience to forget.But it would not be fair to downplay the significant efforts by the China National Tourism Administration and the cities themselves, as most cities and major tourist attractions now have new public toilets and an attendant who practically lives there to keep them clean. .It must be said that almost all Chinese public toilets are free, a problem that persists in the interior of the country, as we mentioned in previous paragraphs regarding the measures of President Xi.The main recommendation for mortals in the West is to bear in mind that it is imperative to carry paper tissues, since the “free” toilet is not the norm outside of five-star hotels.But, luckily for the oriental souls that live there, let's do justice by saying that China's bathroom revolution formally began in Beijing in the 1980s, but it was in 2015 that the problem in rural areas began to be addressed.The intensive effort of previous administrations, in pursuit of improving the nation's facilities, has been going on for years and by the end of 2017, 68,000 bathrooms have been built or rebuilt throughout the country, which is still few if we take into account that in 2019, the Chinese population amounts to 1,398 million inhabitants, therefore there is a public toilet for every 20,558 passers-by.Strictly speaking, Beijing today boasts some of the most advanced star-rated toilets in the country, according to Beijing Tourism Administration standards, including one equipped with personal TVs, charging stations, Wi-Fi, ATM and soothing music…which is mostly busy. Believe it or not, bathrooms in China are listed in stars.Photo The China Guide.It may interest you These are the 10 most powerful smartphones todayThe United States Federation announced that gymnasts Suni Lee and Simone Biles will compete in the Olympic bar...Researchers said Wednesday they had recovered ancient DNA traces of the Yersin plague bacterium...Agua Inmaculada is a franchise that costs only 93 thousand pesos, it has a presence throughout Mexico and even in Brazil.