2022-06-15 12:22:53 By : Ms. Catherine Chong

National Custom Framing Day, celebrated on September 15 every year, is the day dedicated to commemorating beautiful custom frames. They are all around us: with so many shapes, colors, and sizes today. When we look back in history, though, frames were not always this modern-looking, but they certainly had the same precious purpose. That is why, today, we celebrate the art of creating custom frames. Have a nice picture you want to get framed? Well, grab your wallet and start shopping. The idea is to cherish the frames that protect our photos throughout the years.

Vincent van Gogh once said, “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body.” With time, people began to understand the true meaning of this phrase since a frame is like the outer covering of a photo, protecting it. And it appears the company Roma Moulding has the same belief as they were the ones who created the day in July 2021. The Italian firm is also responsible for developing exquisite eco-conscious frames for photographs and pictures.

While the frames we see now are modem and cutting edge, there was a time when they were simply due to a lack of technology. For instance, in the 2nd century B.C., frames existed in the form of borders created around Etruscan cave paintings. In the Middle Ages, the trend shifted, and wood was used to frame exquisite artworks that needed to be displayed. Those artists paid extra attention to beautifying them by adding carvings and gold leaves to the wood.

The trend of frames as an art piece further boomed in the 14th and 15th centuries, when wealthy nobles started using them to accentuate the beauty of the painting within them. By 1515, magnificent frames started being designed by furniture builders. While these handcrafted ones were unique and valuable, the trend slowly diminished in the 19th century, when companies started producing them on a large scale.

A wooden frame with a portrait is found in Egypt.

‘Adoration of the Magi’ becomes the first altarpiece made with a panel and frame.

Modern carved wooden frames are developed.

A frame is meant to aesthetically enhance a picture it is decorated around.

The perfect frame size for such a photo is 13×17 inches.

A picture frame is old if the cover has warping or wormholes.

To celebrate the day, channel the artist in you and try to design a frame of your own. You don’t even have to spend a lot — just gather some seashells and glitter for your art piece.

Well, millions of frames are available on the market. So why not use this day to make a memorable purchase? You can also buy a frame for a loved one as a gift.

On this day, you can rope in some artists that can design frames and share the knowledge with people of all ages through a fun workshop. That is the best way to spread some talent.

This is why the same design is seen in many places.

Lara Khoury from the U.A.E. has collected 2,214 empty frames.

It is 492 feet x 305 feet and is located in Dubai.

During that time, frames were considered works of art.

We love the day because it emphasizes how important frames are for works of art. They not only make paintings and photos more beautiful but also protect them from wear and tear.

The day goes back into the history of frames, tells us why they are celebrated, and where they emerged from. It took years for them to become modern and affordable.

The day is educational since it provides the youngsters with the history of frames and the different artists who used decorative frames to spice up their photos or paintings.

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