Colonel Pedro Baños explains what is "residential surveillance in a designated place" in China - Horizonte

2022-06-16 08:59:43 By : Ms. Lisa Li

"Two years ago, in a monolithic way, the news presenters told the reality, eight intruders, although they were doctors from the Wuhan hospital, had spread fake news, and of course they had been punished," said Iker Jiménez, and one of those people ended up missing. , then appeared and ended up missing again.Two years later, investigations indicate that in China there have been many more cases of disappearances such as youtubers, tennis player Peng Shuai, technology entrepreneur Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba, Chinese movie star Fan Bingbing...'Horizonte' wanted to analyze some of these disappearances and where they are taken after being arrested."Since 2013 there is a legal norm that allows any citizen to apply what is euphemistically called 'residential surveillance in a designated place,'" explained Colonel Pedro Baños.What does that mean?"That they take you out of your house at any time of the day or night, without giving you any explanation, without giving it to anyone in your family, without explaining how long they are going to be out, and they put you in a center that is not a prison either" , has added."It is outside the judicial system, in reality it would be an arrest, an administrative deprivation of liberty that the police can do directly," the colonel said, in addition "they can keep you in these centers for up to 6 months, what's more, some have Been more than 6 months.Who are they taking there?"Anyone who has an alternative vision to official politics, a human rights lawyer, an activist... or as they call citizen journalists," said Baños.There are also other centers, 'transformation centers through education'."Those who have left these centers have said that they had hours and hours with the nation's anthem," and there are also those of sensory isolation.This leads them to not physical but psychological torture.One of those cases of disappearance is that of Duan Weihong, ex-wife of businessman Desmond Shum, who wanted to tell his story in the book 'Red Roulette'.It tells the inside story of wealth, power, corruption and revenge in China.