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Ice house portable AC Reviews: Heat obstructs relaxation and keeps a person in a restless state pending when he or she receives cool air. Many people grew up managing and subduing heat rather than eradicating it. At times when you look around, you discover people sweating profusely yet can’t get a means of relief. Days ran by and people suddenly saw the need to reduce heat on their bodies and started devising means to achieve that. In all, no means was as satisfying as what we can get from the Icehouse Portable ac.

The use of hand fans then came into practice as many people started knitting fans to aid the purpose of cooling the body. Job opportunities were also created for these knitters. Some people who could not afford hand fans, started using old notebooks to fan themselves. Some used the cover of notebooks. Most times you discover that students in classes are writing with coverless notebooks. Why destroy your books when an Ice house Portable ac is available.

The question now is how do one survive the summer periods without damaging relevant items? Before looking at that question, let’s consider another question, the items being damaged, are we really getting the required results?  That’s a very important question. For instance the hand fans that were used and are still being used, we notice that each time we fan ourselves, we tend to increase the hotness of our bodies more as more energy is generated trying to cool ourselves. An Icehouse Portable air cooler does not extract energy from you, in order to keep you cool.

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In return, this generation of energy by the fans we are blowing,  causes more heat to the body. This shows that we can actually damage relevant materials with the aim of keeping ourselves cool, and yet not achieve that aim. Apart from the use of hand fans, we also discovered that many people started using ceiling fans and standing fans that operate with direct electricity. Ceiling fans and standing fans seem to be relieving people of the stress of fanning themselves continuously but not everyone could afford it. Icehouse Portable air cooler is very affordable

Those that were able to afford those fans then, could not really battle with the maintenance of it. At times, these fans blow hot air when they are getting old and the weather is very hot. That way, it keeps one in a very uncomfortable state. Some places don’t even have access to electricity and as a result they can’t use ceiling or standing fans and have to continue the battle with hand fans. With an Icehouse Portable air cooler, you can actually charge it somewhere else and then bring it home and use it comfortably with or without electricity at home.

A major risk was discovered with the use of standing fans. It was discovered that as the fan gets old, there is a high tendency of it to shock the users. I grew up with fans that pose such high risks. You discover that people are even scared of touching the fan. You can only plug it to the source of electricity but you can’t touch it while it is blowing air. Considering this factor, you see that a home with children all around, it can be dangerous and life threatening to those kids at home. Why keep your kids and family unsecure when you can purchase an Icehouse Portable air cooler.

WHAT IS Icehouse Portable AIR COOLER ( icehouse AC Reviews)    

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Icehouse Portable air cooler is an air cooler designed to keep our bodies and environment cool, while also reducing the stress on our bodies. Different air coolers are being produced these days and therefore it calls for carefulness on our parts in selecting the best air cooler for our satisfaction. The Icehouse Portable air cooler was designed with many upgrades to already existing coolers we have around.

For instance, Icehouse Portable air cooler uses a USB-C power plug in comparison to Arctos that use DCV 5 plug. Icehouse Portable air cooler also operates with a 550ml water tank compared to 450ml water tank for arctos. Icehouse Portable air cooler also has 4 fan speeds compared to Arctos with 3 fan speeds. 

Icehouse Portable was designed not only to produce cool air, but to give us maximum satisfaction while receiving this air.

WHY Icehouse Portable AIR COOLER ( icehouse AC Reviews)

Based on the many illustrations above, we can pinpoint several reasons for which we need an Icehouse Portable air cooler. Considering the capacity, the relief it gives to us, and a lot more. You can’t trade Icehouse Portable air cooler for any other cooler.  When you are to buy an item from the market, I guess you always go for the best. Same should also apply when you are buying an air cooler.

We also need an Icehouse Portable air cooler considering the fact that these days we battle a lot trying to eradicate mosquitoes in our various houses. If you will agree with me, hand fans are not the best chaser for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like we all know thrive in hot environments. For us to drive them away from us without also stressing ourselves, we need an Icehouse Portable air cooler. As it cools the air, the mosquitoes are also driven far away from us.

Another important reason for which we need an Icehouse Portable ac is in consideration of the fact that heat causes body odour. When we go out each day and run our daily activities, sweat is most of the time inevitable and when we leave this sweat to dry on us continually, it gets to a point where we start developing foul odours. These odours tend to chase people far away from us as it inconveniences people around us. Icehouse Portable helps to prevent that sweat as you can carry it with you anywhere and make use of it to restore coolness to your body.

SPECIFICATIONS OF Icehouse Portable AIR COOLER ( icehouse AC Reviews)

*Cooling cartridge with four fan speeds :Low, medium, high and turbo.

*It can be used for close to  8 hours on high cooling, 10 hours on medium cooling, and 12 hours on low cooling.

* It gives you the best satisfaction you can ever think of.

*It works like a humidifier.

* Does not produce noise while delivering its service.

*Battery type of AC100 – 120V, DC5V, 1.5 – 2.0A Li-on.

*It takes about 5 hours to fully charge.

* blinks to show when charging is in progress, and becomes steady when fully charged.

*Colour cycle mode order: Blue, Red, White, Teal, Purple, Yellow, and green color cycle.

FEATURES OF Icehouse Portable AIR COOLER ( icehouse AC Reviews)      

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Icehouse Portable possesses 4 fan speeds which are high, low, medium and turbo. These 4 fan speeds enable it to function optimally.


Icehouse Portable possesses hydrochill tech. Water can be converted to cool air which we enjoy. Also it possesses dual cooling jets (i.e more than one cooling jets). 

The vents of the Icehouse Portable air cooler can be adjusted to fit the environment. You can take the vents up when the environment seems to be too cool and you can also take the vents down when the environment seems hot.

The use of Icehouse Portable is manually. It does not require complicated processes.

Icehouse Portable was also designed with a USB charging cable that makes charging easy and attainable. That way you can recharge whenever it gets low.


Icehouse Portable also possesses quality battery capacity which supplies 2000mAh. Also its battery type is AC 100 – 120V, DC5V, 1.5 – 2.0 A Li-on.

It possess 550ml water capacity. That helps you to fill in a lot of water and you don’t have to keep replacing the water in minutes when it finishes. Its water capacity enables you to pour as much water as can carry you for a long time.

Another beneficial feature of Icehouse Portable air cooler is its Led night light chamber that enables you to put on its light at night and use it for sleeping instead of using a shiny bulb to sleep at night.

Its cooling cartridge can be replaced whenever the need arises.

Lots of features for this air cooler. What is preventing you from getting one for yourself and even discovering more features than were written here

BENEFITS OF Icehouse Portable AIR COOLER ( icehouse AC Reviews)

Icehouse Portable does not generate noise during operation. You can operate it without causing disturbance to people around you. 

The Icehouse Portable air cooler also cools rapidly. It releases cool air in a very relaxing way.

Icehouse Portable air cooler is also very portable as it can be carried from place to place without posing a burden to the carrier. You can easily lift it and take it with you anywhere you are going to.


Icehouse Portable air cooler can be recharged easily whenever the battery runs down or whenever the battery is low. No rigorous process is involved in its recharge.


Icehouse Portable air cooler is energy efficient as it doesn’t consume much energy in order to carry out its task. The energy consumed is little compared to the tasks being carried out. 

The above benefit led to this. When a cooler is energy efficient, less nepa bills are incurred. You just consume energy whenever you charge the Icehouse Portable air cooler. Its usage is based on the already stored energy. Unlike our fans and air conditioners at home that constantly use electricity and constitute high nepa bills, Icehouse Portable air cooler saves us that high bill.

Icehouse Portable air cooler requires no rigorous set up process. You can set up an Icehouse Portable air cooler without putting in much stress or protocols. Anyone of any age can set up an Icehouse Portable air cooler.

The Icehouse Portable air cooler is affordable. It’s not as expensive as our air conditioners at home. Both the rich and the poor can purchase an Icehouse Portable air cooler as its price is affordable.

You can get an Icehouse Portable air cooler very easily by just placing an order online. It’s not situated at far locations. Anyone from anywhere can purchase an Icehouse Portable air cooler from the comfort of their homes.

WHERE CAN Icehouse Portable AIR COOLER BE PURCHASED( icehouse AC Reviews)

Icehouse Portable air cooler can be purchased online from the company’s official website. All you have to do is follow the link and go to the website to order for one. It is being delivered to the doorsteps of each client so you don’t have to stress yourself running around in search of Icehouse Portable. Your order can do the magic.              

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These days, there is a high increase in the population rate all round. Increase in population leads to increase in heat as the more populated a place becomes, the hotter the environment tends to be.

In our lecture halls these days, students don’t learn well due to the hotness of the environment. Heat affects proper assimilation. All these can be tackled using Icehouse Portable air cooler. As a student while going out for lectures in the morning or afternoon or evening, you can carry a Icehouse Portable air cooler with you and use it even while learning. It helps you to focus and learn properly. Many students fail these days not because they don’t read well but because they are not exposed to the right environment for studying. You can adjust the environment to your satisfaction.

Also excluding the students, those of us that work in offices or labour in one firm or the other, can also make use of Icehouse Portable ac. You can take it to the office and keep it on your desk. While working you will also be getting that coolness you require. Those that do laborious jobs can also use Icehouse Portable air cooler while working or after each phase of work. When one works continuously without taking time to replace lost energy, it weakens such a person and reduces the functionality of a person. Many tasks that are left unattended to this day are as a result of weakness of the worker and this weakness most times are caused by sweat and hotness of the body. To effectively carry out tasks without procrastination, you need an Icehouse Portable ac. 

Icehouse Portable air cooler saves stress. It guarantees comfort. It relieves a person and a lot more. What more can you ask for from an air cooler. Icehouse Portable provides all that for you. It also saves you lots of damages and risks attached to using other means of cooling rather than air cooler. Think of comfort, think of Icehouse Portable air cooler.

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