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2022-06-15 12:19:48 By : Ms. tina xiao

If you are a fan of the TikTok social network, you may have seen a video of a young Australian, Zackary South, explaining how he brought a shipping container from China to make it a superb house.This container has the particularity of hiding a folding house!With 280.4K views of his video, the young man unwittingly became a TikTok star who had one ambition: to build the house of his dreams!And for him, the dream came in the form of land and a classic apartment that he describes as a grandmother's apartment!Finally, for 30,000 dollars and a three-month wait, he had his house delivered, directly to his land, and he got it!Presentation.Admittedly, by ordering his container in China, the 28-year-old father wanted to offer a house to his family.But it was also an opportunity for him to show that container houses could in three months be a perfect alternative for the homeless, against overpriced accommodation, etc. On arrival, his container was a simple iron box. , but in the end, he is a magnificent house with two bedrooms, a full kitchen and a bathroom for around 30,000 dollars (26,000 € approx)… In his video which has gone viral, we can see the delivery, the installation and much of course, the end result!By recounting his experience on TikTok, Zackary also opened the debate on container houses… More and more future owners are turning to these alternatives to traditional houses.The price of traditional housing is soaring, mortgage rates are gradually rising and housing is becoming almost a luxury for those who are not yet homeowners.The container house offers a solution which not only costs less than the construction of a traditional house but which, in addition, allows creativity to express itself... Bridges, stacking, floors, swimming pool, everything is possible from these shipping containers, which could also see their prices rise as demand is strong worldwide!Before embarking on the construction of a container house, you should check with your town hall… These houses are sometimes likened to "cabins" made of odds and ends and rather badly seen by the municipalities.But, in the texts, a container house must comply with the same regulations as a classic house: the type of file to be mounted will above all depend on the surface of your future container house:Could you send me an advertisement or a catalog with prices RegardsSuper zcolo, imported from China, summer comfort at the top… That is to say air conditioning at full speed, always very eco-friendly, natural mater ciaux is not it and nice the look of construction site hut… … That it remains a utopia it will only be better for the environment and everyone's quality of life, frankly you see yourself raising your kids in this counter example???Hello also interested in installing on water floats...I'm waiting for a link with price..thanksDo you have a catalog, price and delivery.Guadeloupe Thank youHello how much does it cost to heat in winter there is no real insulation in Australia it's ok it's not really cold it must be expensive in heating?Talking about ecology and economy by taking the example of raising children??No sense.. Overcrowding..Dude read the article!It's a solution for overcrowding, the homeless etc. It's an alternative, temporary and mobile home.. Don't talk about children when you see the cost and the consequence it is.Especially in this current world.Your email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.