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2022-06-15 17:32:40 By : Ms. Jack zhang

Are you from the Ile-de-France and dream of building your house out of containers?We have found a small business for you in Seine-et-Marne that could help you make this dream come true.House construction companies based on shipping containers are gradually flourishing in France.But in Île-de-France, they are still quite few.In Bouleurs, a small town of 1700 inhabitants located in the North-East of the department, Le Cocon Français transforms shipping containers into magnificent residential houses.At the head of this company founded in December 2020, three former engineers in industry and aeronautics: Cyril Le Regent, Antoine Pergetti and Nicolas Laurette… Presentation.The three men were working in aeronautics, the industrial flagship of Seine-et-Marne, when they wondered why the old shipping containers were left to rot... They were looking for a way to get closer to their values ​​by doing work that could be beneficial to our planet.In December 2020, they founded Le Cocon Français and decided to convert to construction based on shipping containers, and this raw material is available in the millions in the ports.Discarded shipping containers wait, with little hope of recycling except to build houses.For the founders of Le Cocon Français, the essential thing is to have an approach that respects the environment.Thus, each operation carried out on the containers is carried out in an eco-responsible spirit.They therefore set up their showroom in Bouleurs, and the production workshop in Chenoise, near Provins, is still in Seine-et-Marne.For the founders, the advantage of the container is that the walls of the house are already formed.It is then necessary to create the openings (doors and windows), arrange the interior and insulate it.With careful work, the shipping container, which serves as the base material, can be completely concealed by decoration.The other advantages of the container are obviously its resistance and its self-supporting capacity… This limits the use of more polluting material such as concrete for the construction of a slab for example.To insulate their buildings, the company uses cotton wool for better acoustics.The thermal insulation, meanwhile, is provided by wood wool which insulates the container from the outside.Then, a cement fiber cladding covers the metallic aspect of the container.This young company targets a public of individuals who wish, for example, to create a studio in their garden, whether to accommodate a young adult, an elderly person or even to make it the office of their self-employed company.Le Cocon Français has a price of around €1,800 per m² for an "office" layout, and €2,000 per m² for a studio layout with kitchen and bathroom.Each container measures 13 m², which amounts to €23,400 for an office or €26,000 for a furnished studio.And, of course, the containers are modular, stackable, so you can choose a surface of 39 m² or 130 m²!As for the manufacturing times, they are still quite short but are getting longer due to the current high demand.The company announces a delay of 4 to 5 months between the order and the turnkey delivery at this time of crisis, but when the supply of raw materials is normal, delivery can be made in just 1 month.To contact the company, here are the various contact details:Hello .Would like to have documentation if possible.More information on the container house.Hello, we do not sell the products that we present.NeozOne.org is a media news site about inventions and innovations.We have no stores and are not affiliated with the companies featured.Your email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.