First post-Covid Batibouw: fashion is for habitable modules to be placed in the garden

2022-06-16 03:28:42 By : Mr. willson hu

"I think that the customer prefers to invest in bricks and in work at home than to put his money in the bank and collect 0.2%", estimates an exhibitor, joined by his colleague: "The Belgians have always said that he has a brick in his stomach so he will always invest."At the show, everyone is convinced that the Covid and the war in Ukraine will not have affected the envy of Belgians.But the health crisis has indeed impacted the way Belgians see their homes.First observation: "Following the Covid, we have seen the emergence of a whole series of companies which offer units to put in the gardens, whether additional units or containers, to accommodate an older person who no longer wants to live alone but who does not want to go to a retirement home either. Or to have a private office that we had not planned in his house at the base to be able to work at ease from home" , explains Frédéric François, the organizer of the show.Another impact, especially with soaring energy prices: "Today it's even more important than a few years ago: we have to make sure that a house or an apartment consumes less energy", adds the organizer.Photovoltaic panels or smart meters are therefore popular."In the same vein, we also see that the spaces in the houses are shrinking and falling below 100 m².The arrangement of smaller spaces is therefore also a reason to visit the salon.Finally, if it expects "only" 150,000 visitors, ie 20% less than the last editions, it is because of the time of year which has changed.The last edition of the show took place in February 2020. "It's a weekend when people may have gone on vacation. So we hope for a good Batibouw. ​​One thing is certain: we are personally confident in saying to ourselves that we stayed two years without Batibouw and that we were able to continue working so it can only be positive", testifies Greg Delcorp, kitchen designer exhibitor.You want to send us a message?Use the contact form to send us your scoops!