This Shopper-Loved Container Set Keeps Produce Fresh for Weeks

2022-12-13 20:07:23 By : Ms. Jane Zhao

It has a clever design to control moisture.

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This Shopper-Loved Container Set Keeps Produce Fresh for Weeks

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From tender spinach and delicate berries to tart cherries and waxy beans, fresh produce is one of the best parts of spring and summer. On the flip side, it's a horrible feeling to watch your beautiful fruits and vegetables get sad and wilty mere days after purchasing them. That's why you should grab this clever set of containers that Amazon users say keeps food fresh for weeks.

Moisture is incredibly important when storing produce. Generally, fruits require low humidity, while vegetables last longer in more humid environments. These Luxear Fresh Produce Containers are designed to adjust the moisture level to whatever you put inside of them.

To buy: Luxear Fresh Produce Containers, Set of 3, $40 (originally $49) at

The plastic containers each have a smart adjustable multi-tier design that includes a drainer, insert, and vented lid. The removable drainer functions in two ways: it works as a strainer to keep freshly washed produce from sitting in moisture, as well as a vent to circulate air circulation. But perhaps the coolest part of this container is the lid, which is foldable and has an adjustable valve to control airflow—open for a drier environment and closed for more humidity There's also a drainage plug at the bottom of the container that makes it easy to contain or release excess water.

Each set comes with three different-sized containers: a 4.7 quart that can hold big peppers or a bag of lettuce, a 1.9 quart that's great for grapes, cherries, or limes, and a .5 quart that is perfect for berries and other small fruit. Their transparent plastic bodies make it easy to keep stock of what's in your fridge and stack on top of one another to make use of vertical space. But while these containers are sturdy enough to stack, keep in mind they are not dishwasher- or microwave-safe.

On Amazon, over 3,000 users have given the set a five-star rating. Shoppers who purchase a lot of produce for large families credit these containers with keeping fruit fresher for longer and getting more bang for their buck. One reviewer who used them to store fresh-cut strawberries for two weeks said they were "worth every penny," while another wrote they kept lettuce from spoiling for an entire month. A third noted that these containers actually cut down the amount of trips they take to the grocery store.

This Shopper-Loved Container Set Keeps Produce Fresh for Weeks

Fridge Organizer With Removable Drain Plate With months of fresh produce ahead, you're going to want storage that keeps food fresher for longer. That makes these containers, which users have called a "game changer," a no-brainer. Head to Amazon now to snag the Luxear Fresh Produce Container set for just $40.